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Dundas Hybrid and Electric Car Service Shop, Hybrid and Electric Car Service at Eccles Auto Service!

Think having no engine in your electric vehicle means there’s no maintenance required? Think again—even high-tech self-driving cars cannot self-maintain.

EV/hybrid car care is easy with Eccles Auto Service. Whether you need hybrid or electric vehicle maintenance services, a great price on a quiet set of tires, or a quick and convenient charging station, our award-winning technicians are here to help, and booking online is easy.

Hybrid And Electric Vehicle Service: Maintenance Myths Vs Reality

For some drivers, one of the main selling points of electric vehicles is their reduced maintenance requirements, however while you won’t need oil changes or spark plug replacements, there are still plenty of systems that require regular electric vehicle service. Common forms of electric vehicle service include:

  • Monitoring the battery
  • Assessing brake wear
  • Checking the tires
  • Topping up fluids
  • Replacing cabin air filter
  • Updating software
  • Maintaining the body of the vehicle

Likewise, all hybrids—whether parallel or series, micro or mild, plug-in or full—also require regular maintenance. In fact, research by Consumer Reports, which compared the service schedules of different vehicle types, found very little difference between the maintenance needs of popular hybrids and regular cars. Whatever your EV and hybrid car service needs, Eccles Auto Service is here to help.

Free Quote On Any EV/hybrid Car Service In Dundas, ON

Since the dawn of the hybrid/electric vehicle, we’ve been committed to serving drivers in Dundas and all the surrounding communities, including Ancaster, Flamborough, Burlington, and the Greater Hamilton Area.

Automotive technology evolves at breakneck speeds, but Eccles Auto Service is always up to date. As EV/hybrid car service specialists, we’re constantly working to keep our technicians on the cutting edge, investing in training, tools, and equipment, from diagnostics software to charging stations, all to serve you better, no matter the make or model of your electric or hybrid vehicle.

After more than 36 years of service, we’ve earned our place among the top hybrid and electric vehicle specialists in Dundas, ON. And we can help you find the best tires for your hybrid or electric vehicle, too, all under one roof.

Call 905-628-3355 or fill out the short contact form on our website to book a consultation and get a free quote on any electric/hybrid car service.

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