Electronic Accessories

Eccles Auto Service now offers a whole line of electronic accessories for your vehicle. We now sell and install everything from Remote Starters for those cold mornings to Handsfree Bluetooth products needed for the cell phone law in Ontario. With a large selection of products, we have something for any budget.

We offer the following products:

  • Remote starters and car alarms
  • Handsfree Bluetooth products
  • GPS and Fleet tracking security devices
  • DVD/TV/NAV systems
  • Heated Seats
  • OEM radio replacement or repair

Check out www.mass.ca for all products available. For pricing and availability call us at 905-627-3988 or 905-627-3355.

NOTE: New legislation to limit cell phone use in the car. Get your handsfree bluetooth installed today!

Ontario limits car phone use

Legislation due today would impose fines and demerit points for use of gadgets at wheel

Tanya Talaga
Rob Ferguson Queen’s Park Bureau

Published On Tue Oct 28 2008

A proposed law would ban Ontarians from using a hand-held cellphone while driving...

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