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Are You Ready to Drive in the Snow?

ready drive snow

In light of our first snowfall of the year, we feel it’s only right to remind our fellow Dundasonians about the importance of equipping our vehicle with proper winter tires to guarantee the safety of you and your family while driving this winter. Let the experts at Eccles Auto Service help you with a winter tire and rim package from our partners Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Continental, and General.


Installing winter tires is crucial for the safety of you and your family since they dramatically minimize the chances of losing control of your car while driving in the snow. Winter tires contain cuts and grooves called sipes that provide the tire surface with extra traction. These sipes gather clumps of snow that in turn stick to the snow on the road, therefore creating friction and giving you full control. Furthermore, these tires are made out of a special soft rubber compound purposely designed to function in the colder weather. It is important to replace all four tires with winter tires and not just two to guarantee the safety of you and your family. Come visit us at Eccles Auto in Dundas and we will be happy to install your existing or your new winter tires to your vehicle!


Another important piece of information to keep in mind is that you cannot keep your winter tires on all year round. This is because when the sipes contact a surface, they get vigorously pushed around and create heat. This is not a problem in the winter when it’s cold, but in the summer the heat buildup will wear down the tires quickly and they’ll become ineffective the following winter. At Eccles Auto we offer a storage service where we can store your winter tires and rims during the warm summer months and install them back for the wintertime. You can consider this as an investment because it will help your tires last 3-6 years instead of 1!

For any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding winter tires or anything auto don’t hesitate to CONTACT US TODAY as we are happy to help!


Drive Safe!

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