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Still driving without winter tires?

The old days of a snow tire just being a more aggressive, heavy lug tire are over. In fact calling them snow tires is not entirely correct anymore, they are winter tires. They are built with different rubber compounds and tread designs made specifically to be better on snow, ice and cold roads. I would just like to share some facts that may sway your decision next season to purchase winter tires for your vehicle.

  • Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation and Transport Canada have acknowledged that all-season tires can begin to lose their grip when the temperature drops below -10 Celsius
  • Tests by Transport Canada and the Canadian Rubber Association found that all-season tires went-off the testing track at speeds of only 40 – 50 km/h, while cars with winter tires had no difficulty
  • According to Quebec’s Ministry of Transportation, proper winter tires can improve braking by 25%
  • A 2005 Study by the Canadian Press and Leger Marketing found that only 29% of Ontario use winter tires. In contrast, the Canadian Average was 42% and winter tire use in Quebec was 84%

Another thing to look into is some insurance companies offer discounts to customers who have winter tires.

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