Selecting the Most Suitable Automobile Maintenance Shop

If your not in the Dundas Ontario area, and cannot get to Eccles Auto Service, we’re still here to help you on your search for finding the auto repair shop that is most worthy of your hard earned dollars, you will find that it depends on several factors including customer service,

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Auto Repair Shop Jargon

Unless you consider yourself a car expert, you may find yourself feeling a bit lost when having car conversations with your mechanic. Listening to them talk can be a confusing experience if you aren’t all that knowledgeable about the inside of your car. Hopefully, this list of common auto repair terms will give you the confidence to help your next conversation with your mechanic go a bit more seamlessly:

  • Aftermarket Parts – This term applies to parts which are not made by the original manufacturer.

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Dashboard Warning Lights You Should Know

There is a handful of dashboard warning lights to be aware of, and it’s important to know what each one means and if it needs immediate attention or not. Below are some of the most common warning lights that drivers see, their possible causes, and urgency of care. If a light appears that you don’t recognize,

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Pre-purchase Checklist for Used Vehicles

If you’re considering buying a used car, you’re probably worried about all the possible unseen problems and damage that could have you spending a lot of extra money at the repair shop. Not to worry though! Eccles Auto Service has put together a quick checklist to help buyers ensure they don’t have any surprises pop up after they make their big purchase.

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Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Engine

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. If it isn’t working properly, you can be sure you will not be driving anywhere anytime soon. Proper and consistent engine maintenance ensures that your engine doesn’t overheat while on the highway, or cut out at an intersection. An improperly running engine is a huge safety issue when it comes to your vehicle and the safety of those inside.

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How Can Potholes Damage My Vehicle

Most of us have been taught to avoid potholes while driving, but it’s something we can’t avoid forever. So what should you do if you hit a pothole? Don’t ignore it— whether you hit a pothole head-on, or you react in time to partially avoid one, it can damage your vehicle.

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Eccles Open House – July 6 Car Smash!

Bruce Eccles, owner of the award-winning Eccles Auto Service, is doing something he would normally never do: he’s inviting you to destroy a car.

The car smash is part of the Eccles Auto Service open house on July 6th.  For $5.00, you can take three swings at a 2010 Kia with a sledgehammer. 

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Eccles Auto Tips for Teen Drivers

To our young teens who may be getting their first car, we’ve got a few excellent tips on how to navigate your first years behind the wheel successfully. It’s important to know that every driver is at-risk for accidents, especially less-experienced drivers. Eccles Auto Service in Dundas Ontario is happy to share the rookie mistakes you need to avoid.

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Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Needs to be Repaired

Summer weather is finally approaching us in Dundas Ontario! If you want to drive comfortably in the heat, it’s important to make sure your car’s air conditioning is working properly. In most cases, a vehicle’s air conditioning doesn’t die without warning. There are usually some easy to spot signs that let you know a repair is required.

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Rust Control: How to Protect Your Vehicle from Rust

There is nothing more frustrating than noticing that first stain of rust on your vehicle. Not only is it unpleasant to look at, if it’s not dealt with quickly and appropriately it will spread fast. Rust forms when the exposed surface of your car comes into contact with water and the temperature outside is just right for oxidation to take place,

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