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The Eccles Experience

Bruce Eccles, owner of Eccles Auto Service in Dundas was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal on Wednesday, November 14th at Horseshoe Valley Resort in Barrie.

We Now Sell Trailer Hitches!

Hands-Free Car Kits

Our Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kits make the perfect gift! Each kit includes: Navigation with ipod control, custom installed homelink controller, remote starter, overhead video systems for rear seat entertainment. We custom order each Kit to suit your exact needs.



A common myth started and supported by some new car dealers is "your vehicle must be serviced by our service department or your warranty may be void".

This statement is not only untrue, it is illegal! You have the right to have your new vehicle serviced wherever you choose.

I am asking you to service your vehicle locally. Support the businesses that keep Dundas alive and vibrant. Local business people support your children's hockey, soccer and baseball. They support local service clubs, charities and churches.

If local businesses close, your taxes will increase! We live and work in your community. "Let's keep it that way".

Thank You, Bruce Eccles!

Eccles Auto Service Inc. has factory trained technicians and the equipment to service your late model vehicle and uses filters and oil that meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications.

Are you driving a new vehicle, or thinking of purchasing a new vehicle soon?