Why Firestone

The legend of the Firestone tires began back in the early 1890’s with a horse race when Harvey Firestone, the founder, raced the first ever horse buggy with rubber tires and won by a long shot. Since then, Firestone has been reshaping the industry, discovering the non-skid tread, which is now considered an industry standard in tires. In 1918, Firestone opened its first Canadian factory in Hamilton, Ontario where the first ever Canadian-made tire was made. In 1988 Firestone merged with Bridgestone Tires to become the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Firestone carries a variety of tires suitable for any weather and/or road conditions. There are six main Firestone tire brands:

  1. All Season – Built to offer balance, the Firestone All Season tire is one you can count on all year round. This tire is built to last, with traction and handling meant to perform in wet and dry road and weather conditions.
  2. Champion – Another all season tire, the Champion is built to perform in wet, dry, and snowy road and weather conditions. It also features longer treadwear, meaning the tires are dependable and built to last. Lastly, these tires are optimized for low rolling resistance, meaning they will increase your fuel efficiency!
  3. Destination – The Destination tire is Firestone’s Off-road tire. They’re built to go anywhere from the city streets to dirt roads, these tires offer all-season performance on all terrains. These tires feature a special Long Link Carbon that helps improve tread wear and resist cracking and chipping. They also feature noise reduction technology for a comfortable quieter ride, and weather grip to increase traction on wet surfaces.
  4. Firehawk – The Firehawk is Firestone’s performance tire, which features exceptional handling in both wet and dry road and weather conditions. Its high grip tread pattern promotes impressive response and braking performance. This tire also features circumferential grooves that help clear water out of the footprint area to improve resistance to hydroplaning.
  5. Transforce – The Transforce tire is definitely Firestone’s toughest tire! It was built to resist wear even while the vehicle is carrying heavy workloads. This tire features an advanced high modulus tread compound meant to prevent damage and increase longer wear. This tire’s shape and body were computer-designed to assure a comfortable ride, with extra traction in wet conditions.
  6. Winterforce – The Winterforce is Firestone’s winter tire, designed to handle our extreme Canadian winters. This tire features a special cold weather compound and tread, designed specifically to offer better braking, grip and handling in winter conditions, including snow and slush.

Eccles Auto Service in Dundas Ontario is a proud partner of Firestone Tires! For more information about Firestone and their products and services visit http://www.firestonetire.ca