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Looking for filter services near me? Look no further than Eccles Auto Service! In business for over 35 years we offer incredible service with highly trained technicians.

Every car has 3 – 4 main filters: the cabin filter, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. Each of these allows the flow of air, fuel or oil while catching impurities like dust, dirt and other contaminants. When one of your filters gets clogged, it can cause a number of problems and affect your vehicle’s performance. Keep your vehicle running efficiently with a routine filter replacement.

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Cabin Filter Replacement

If air quality is important to you then replacing your cabin air filters as part of regular scheduled maintenance is key! The air circulating inside your vehicle can be 6 times dirtier than the outside air. Your vehicles ventilation system is a breeding ground for a wide variety of microbes including mold, bacteria and germs. When you turn your heat or air conditioning on, this is what is blown into the passenger compartment and inhaled by the driver and passengers.

Having a cabin air filter replaced ensures all of the pollen, exhaust, dust and other airborne particles are caught, to prevent them from being inhaled.  Having clean air in your car is not only important to help you breathe, but is also important for your vehicle function. Clean cabin air filters help avoid visibility issues. A clogged air filter will block air flow coming into your car, which can make defogging your vehicle difficult and unsafe. They can also cause lack of heat issues and poor working air conditioning.

While filters may not be top of mind, they are still an important part to having an efficient and safely running vehicle. We recommend most cabin air filters to be replaced annually.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters may be small, but they serve a big purpose! Just as we need clean oxygen to breath, a vehicle needs the same for the combustion process. A car air filter functions to prevent any foreign objects from reaching the engine. This could include things like insects, particles, dust, sand, debris, etc. Eliminating this ensures a good mixture of air and fuel reaching the engine to help support performance.

Air Filter Replacement

You will want to replace your car air filter to ensure optimal engine performance and save on fuel. At Eccles Auto Service we recommend changing your air filter annually.

Oil Filter Replacement

The oil filter helps remove contaminants from your vehicle’s engine oil. Clean motor oil is important because if the oil were left unfiltered for a period of time, the dirt and particles that accumulate can wear the surfaces in your engine. This dirty oil can wear internal machined components and damage the bearing surfaces in the engine.

Generally speaking, the more money you spend the better the filter is. Lower-cost oil filters can contain poor quality filter material and gaskets that can lead to failure of the filter. Some filters may filter out smaller bits of dirt better, and some may last longer. Which is why we always use a top-quality filter from brands like ACDelco, Fram and others.

Fuel Filter Replacement

Gasoline Engines

There was a time when almost all vehicles had serviceable fuel filters. The purpose of that filter was to screen out dirt and rust particles from the fuel. This helps avoid engine damage and drivability problems from things like clogged fuel injectors. Most modern vehicles now only have a filter in the fuel tank itself which are not typically serviced.  Eccles Auto Service will identify if your vehicle has a serviceable fuel filter and recommend when it should be replaced.

Diesel Engines

Unlike their gasoline counterpart, all diesel engines still have one or sometimes two fuel filters. The purpose of any diesel fuel filter is to remove foreign particles as well as water. Making sure the filters are replaced routinely is a must to avoid damage to closely fitted injection pump and injector components. When your vehicle comes in for service we can let you know when your filters are due to be serviced.

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