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Continental Tire Shop & Dealers Near Me

“Where do I find Continental tires near me?”

If you’re looking for Continental tire sales in Aldershot, ON, look no further. For nearly four decades, we’ve been helping Dundas drivers find the fastest way to the perfect tire, and our award-winning tire techs are standing by to help you do the same.


Read on to learn why so many drivers in Aldershot choose Continental tires, or call (905)-627-3355 to start a personalized Continental tire consultation straight away.

Why choose Continental tires?

  • A proven track record. For 150 years, Continental tires have ranked among the leading brands in track performance and tire tests, and they have the rare distinction of being one of the most heavily studied tires on the planet. In fact, between 2010-2020 alone, Continental tires participated in 863 tests and received 715 number-one rankings.
  • Continental Tires is a leader in tire sustainability. Many Continental tires are specifically designed for reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, like the EcoContact 6, and by 2030, all Continental tire products will be made of 60% sustainable materials.
  • Trusted original equipment manufacturer (OEM)—Continental tires are the first choice for leading vehicle manufacturers, appearing on nearly one-third of all cars in Europe, plus thousands more around the world.
  • The Total Confidence Plan—Continental tires give drivers true peace of mind via the Total Confidence Plan, which includes road hazard protection, tread wearout coverage, and even complimentary flat change or towing up to 250kms at no charge for 3-years from purchase, as long as you register online.

Continental Tires near me: Browse the complete lineup under one roof in Aldershot, ON

Ready to take advantage of our Continental tire sales?

Eccles Auto Services carries all the most popular Continental tire products, including:

  • The ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus
  • The TerrainContact A/T
  • The CrossContact LX25
  • The ContiSport Contact 5
  • The ExtremeContact Force, and more

With so many Continental tires on offer, it can be difficult to decide what’s best for your unique vehicle and driving needs, but the Eccles Auto Service team is here to help, offering unbiased and 100% personalized recommendations, based on our in-store needs assessment. In no time at all, we’ll help you pinpoint your tire feature wishlist, and direct you to a shortlist of options that fit your budget.

To begin your personalized Continental tire consultation, you can:

  • Call (905)-627-3355 to speak directly with a Continental tire specialist in Aldershot, ON
  • Book an appointment online by filling out our quick contact form
  • Drop by our Continental tire shop at 121 King Street West, Dundas, ON
  • Start shopping for Continental tires online using our Tire Finder tool
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