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EV Repair and Maintenance Services

Struggling to find qualified electric car repair and maintenance services near you? Don’t worry—you’re not alone, and Eccles Auto Service is here to help!

EV drivers struggle to find quality electric car repairs, study shows

EV’s are automotive marvels, eliminating emissions and cutting upkeep costs by as much as 40-47%, according to Consumer Reports (Harto, 2020).

But while they might not require oil changes or spark plug replacements like standard internal combustion engines (ICEs), EV’s still need regular electric vehicle service to maintain their performance and prevent major part failures.

Unfortunately, for some drivers, finding quality electric car repair and maintenance services is easier said than done.

In fact, according to a 2022 report by CBC radio, quality electric car repairs are becoming increasingly “harder to access” as EV systems continue to evolve, and independent mechanics get left in the dust.

But if you live in Flamborough, ON or the surrounding areas, qualified, up-to-date electric vehicle services are just a phone call away. Read on to learn why so many Flamborough drivers choose our shop for their electric vehicle service or call 905-627-3355 to speak directly with an EV tech near you.

Electric Vehicle Service in Flamborough, ON: Go Pro with Eccles Auto

Since the dawn of the EV era, Eccles Auto Service has been helping Flamborough drivers protect their investment and stay safe on the road with qualified electric vehicle services, including:

  • EV charging
  • EV brake services
  • EV tire inspections, repairs, and rotations
  • EV fluid checks and top-ups
  • Cabin air filter replacements
  • EV software updates
  • EV sanitization
  • EV rust control
  • EV road force balancing
  • EV headlight restoration
  • EV diagnostics, and more!

To date, we have helped hundreds of EV drivers simplify their electric vehicle service, and we can do the same for you. No matter what service you require, we guarantee:

  • Exceptional electric car repair and maintenance services, provided by our fully certified, award-winning EV techs.
  • Complete customer satisfaction, with attentive customer care, timely electric vehicle service, and a 12-month / 20,000km warranty on all premium parts and labour.
  • Speedy electric vehicle service, with efficient processes and multiple fully staffed service bays to minimize wait times and accommodate your full work or family fleet at once.
  • Full access to premium parts and OEM-approved tires specially designed for the unique weight distribution and engineering of electric vehicles.
  • Cutting-edge expertise, thanks to our ongoing investments in upgraded training, modern tools, and state-of-the-art software.
  • One-stop shop convenience, with all the essential electric vehicle services, premium parts, and OEM tires available to you under one roof.

Get a Free Quote on Electric Vehicle Service in Flamborough, ON

To get a free quote from our electric vehicle service experts, you can:

  • Call (905) 627-3355 to speak directly with an electric car repair specialist near you
  • Drop by our electric car repair shop at 121 King St. West, Dundas, ON
  • Book an appointment online


CBC Radio. (2022, June 20). Electric vehicle repairs down the road could be costly and difficult to find, says mechanic.

Harto, C. (2020). Electric vehicle ownership costs: Chapter 2—Maintenance. Consumer Reports.

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