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What is road force balancing?

The term “road force balancing,” sometimes called ride matching, refers to the diagnosis and correction of road force variation vibrations.

If you feel excessive vibrations in the steering wheel, floorboard, or seat while driving at high speeds, most auto repair specialists will recommend a wheel balancing service. But wheel balance isn’t the only cause of vibration. In fact, you could have four perfectly balanced wheels and still experience a bumpy, juddering drive that wreaks havoc on your vehicle.

In this case, a road force imbalance is to blame. Vibration can also be caused by a bent rim, an imperfect tire fit, or tire mold characteristics, all of which contribute to road force, which is the change in force acting on a wheel assembly as it rolls.

Fortunately, road force imbalances are easy to correct, as long as you’ve got the tools and the know-how. And that’s exactly what you get at Eccles Auto Service.

Road force balancing service in Burlington, ON

Wheel balancing is an important part of reducing vibration, but for optimal safety, performance, and drive comfort, you need to measure and correct road force, as well.

To correct road force issues, we put high-quality road force balancers in the hands of our highly trained technicians. Road force balancers emulate driving conditions by pressing a roller against your tire. While the roller measures the road force on the assembly, the balancer suggests corrections. The most common corrections are:

  • Match-mounting, the process of rotating the tire on the rim to reduce road force
  • Bead massage, which involves “exercising” the tire to make a better fit
  • Placing higher road force assemblies in less sensitive wheel positions on the vehicle (e.g. the rear)

Do I need road force balancing for my vehicle?

That depends both on what you drive and what you expect in terms of performance.

For some customers, road force balancing is overkill; for others, it’s absolutely essential.

But whether you’re looking to spend as little as possible on maintenance, or you want to get the best ride money can buy, there’s no denying that road force balancing is a legitimate premium service. It is the most effective way to reduce force variation vibrations, and it is particularly useful for drivers with extreme low-profile tires (i.e. shallow sidewalls).

To learn more about whether road force balancing is right for you, get in touch with the Eccles Auto Service team at (905)-627-3355 or book online using our quick and easy contact form.

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