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Porsche Repair & Service

Porsche Repair & Service Center in Aldershot, ON

The pleasure of driving your Porsche is all yours, but you can leave the upkeep up to us. At Eccles Auto Service, Aldershot’ number-one Porsche service center, we are committed to the crest, offering all you need for optimal Porsche performance under one roof, and all for a great price.

Read on to learn more, or call (905)-627-3355 to speak directly with a Porsche mechanic near you.

Winning together: Optimize upkeep at a Porsche service center in Aldershot, ON

When your Porsche leaves the factory, it is perfectly engineered, and our team is committed to keeping it that way, while also saving you time and money on essential repair and upkeep services.

To that end, we offer:

  • One-stop Porsche service center. Did you know that more than two-thirds (70%) of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today? It’s true, thanks to a combination of perfect engineering, and the power of preventive maintenance from Porsche service centers like ours.If you live in Aldershot, there’s no need to visit the dealership for quality upkeep and repairs. Whatever repairs, parts, or maintenance services you require to keep your Porsche running smoothly and protect the resale value, you will find them at our Porsche service center.Our Porsche focused mechanics do it all, from tire rotations to road force balancing to everything in-between. And we work with all Porsche models, including the Cayenne and Macan SUVs, the Panamera sport sedan, the ever-popular 911/918 Spyder, and the Boxster.
  • Award-winning Porsche service technicians. Over the past 30 years, our Porsche mechanics have been consistently recognized for exemplary service and skills, both in Aldershot and on the national stage. To date, we have earned over 90+ glowing reviews for our Porsche service center, along with the AC Delco Technician of the Millennium award and Canada’s Garage of the Year
  • Genuine Porsche parts. When it comes time for a major repair or part replacement, there is no substitute for genuine Porsche products. Our Porsche mechanics get your vehicle full access to Porsche-genuine parts, OEM Porsche tires, and special Porsche tools as required, to keep your vehicle running at peak performance.
  • Porsche parts and labour guaranteed. We stand behind our work with a 1-year, 20,00km parts and labour warranty.

Free quote from a Porsche mechanic near me in Aldershot, ON

To get a free quote on maintenance or repairs from our Porsche service center, you can:

  • Call (905)-627-3355 to speak directly with a Porsche mechanic in Aldershot, ON
  • Book your appointment online using our quick-and-easy contact form
  • Roll into our Porsche service center at 121 King Street West, Aldershot, ON
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