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Flamborough Tire Road Hazard Services

Eccles Auto Service Tire Road Hazard Warranty

Tire Road Hazard WarrantyAt Eccles Auto Service we offer a tire road hazard warranty coverage to all of our clients. This coverage applies to the original purchaser of authorized tires sold by Eccles Auto Service and installed on the vehicle for which they were originally purchased.

Program Details

The tire road hazard protection covers tires sold and by us and fitted to a vehicle for non-repairable road hazards incurred during the course of normal driving. The tire road hazard protection covers passenger, light truck and performance tires. It does not cover any run-flat tires deemed not repairable by the manufacturer.

The purchased tire will be covered for 3 years from the date of purchase or until the tire is worn to the level of 3/32” (a tire is considered worn out at 2/32”), whichever occurs first.

Making a Tire Road Hazard Warranty Claim

If a tire sold by Eccles Auto Service suffers road hazard damage and is deemed not repairable by Eccles Auto service within the first 12 months or the first 2/32” of wear the customer will be given full credit for the original purchase price of the tire. If the tire is more than 12 months old or worn more than 2/32″ from the original tread depth then the customer will be credited for the unused percentage of wear on the tire towards the purchase of an equivalent tire.

The credit will be calculated by multiplying the original list price of the tire, by the percentage of tread depth remaining (above 4/23″). Valve stems, rim cleaning, tire balancing and any additional labour and taxes are not covered by this warranty

The original purchase invoice, unserviceable tire and the vehicle that the affected tire belongs to must be presented to Eccles Auto Service at the time of the claim.

This coverage is not transferable.

Tire Road Hazard Warranty Exclusions

  • Tire service charges such as balancing, OTS stewardship fee, valve stems and installation charges
  • Original equipment tires
  • Ozone or weather checking
  • Passenger car tires installed on a light truck
  • Commercial or heavy load applications
  • Tires damaged by collision or abrasion
  • Fire, chemical corrosion, tire alteration, vandalism or theft
  • Racing, improper inflation, overloading, misapplication or high speed spinning
  • Neglect, misuse, chain damage, or correctable mechanical condition of the vehicle (ie: alignment)
  • Tires that have been damaged as a result of a mechanical defect of the vehicle
  • Tire with D.O.T. Numbers removed
  • Tires not installed on the original vehicle for which they were purchased
  • Tires marked used or blemished
  • Appropriate and applicable taxes
  • Cosmetic or appearance damage
  • Wheel rim leaks
  • Discontinued tires at the time of original purchase
  • Cash and carry/wholesale tires
  • Service not performed at Eccles Auto Service Inc. including towing and roadside service calls
  • Additional costs required for vehicle equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TMPS)
  • Damages to the TPMS sensors incurred during a tire failure or flat.

This tire road hazard protection plan is not a warranty, or guarantee, nor a representation that Eccles Auto Service manufactures the brand name tires or the manufacturers of the brand name tires sold by Eccles Auto Service are impervious to road hazard damages.

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