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Greensville Auto Air Conditioning Maintenance Shop

Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning MaintenanceWhen you search for car ac repair near me online – look no further than Eccles Auto Service! In Canada we may have cold winters, but we can also have hot, humid summers! During the summer you don’t want to jump in your car, start it up and have hot air blowing in your face.

Car Air Conditioning Service

A regular car air conditioning service can help ensure optimum comfort for the driver and all passengers, especially on those hot summer days when you need air conditioning the most!

Did you know your air conditioner does more than just simply blow cold air into the vehicle cabin? It also works to remove the hot air from inside the vehicle.

The air conditioner system in vehicles has a number of parts and components, all which need regular maintenance to work effectively. These parts are prone to wear and tear like any other vehicle part, so scheduled maintenance service can help keep them running as smoothly as possible!

What We Do

When you book an appointment at Eccles Auto service for air conditioning maintenance inspection, we will complete the following:

  • Check the outlet temperature at the beginning of the service
  • Check the system pressures
  • Perform a visual inspection of the system
  • Verify condenser fan and blower motor operation
  • Check the cabin air filter
  • Verify the system is at the correct capacity. Fill with dye (if required)
  • Recheck the outlet temperature after the service

Our maintenance inspection comes with the guarantee that you’re A/C will work for the remainder of the current hot season! If it stops working, one of our certified mechanics will diagnose the problem at no charge! (Customer is responsible for repairs if needed beyond inspection)

New Vehicle? We can work on that too!

The refrigerant (R-134a) that has been used in vehicles since the early 1990’s is being phased out, with EPA regulations that it can no longer be used in vehicles built after 2020. The new refrigerant, R1234yf, which can be found in vehicles as far back at 2015, requires different tools and equipment to service and maintain your air conditioning system. At Eccles Auto Service, we have the latest equipment and training available allowing us to service your later model vehicles equipped with this new refrigerant.

Call today for your Air Conditioning Maintenance and receive our special price of $140! (Required refrigerant extra)



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