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Be weary of competitors "advertised low prices"

Many consumers are falling prey to low advertised prices to entice them into a business.

Some Automotive Shops have chosen to advertise low low prices using terms like “from $29.95” or “some conditions may apply” and many other disclaimers.

Be educated and do some basic math and protect yourself from these scam tactics.

If a qualified Auto Service Technician is being paid $25.00 an hour or more, and a minimum 35% of most invoices pays the other shop overhead & fixed expenses, how can a front brake pad replacement which takes a minimum of 1hr (from start to finish including road test) be advertised from $99.95 parts & labour?

Lets break it down: 35% of $99.95= 34.98+25.00=59.98.

$99.95-$59.98=$39.97 left for the parts. Few if any quality front disc pads can be purchased for $39.97.

This same principal and formula can be used with $29.95 oil changes. The numbers do not add up to allow for any kind of profit. Do you really want to do business with a shop that is not being completely honest with their advertising? Is it a reflection of all of their business practices?

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