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Car Rust Proofing: Why Eccles Auto Service Recommends Krown Rust Control

Fixing rust on a car can be a nasty job. We at Eccles Auto Service recommend getting ahead of the problem with our car rust protection service. Rust happens when oxygen and iron come into contact and begin an oxidization process. Water and debris like dirt, grime and road salt don’t help.

As a prevention/protection method you can apply an undercoating treatment that helps repel moisture and protect your vehicles structural base from rusting.

As leaders in the industry, we believe in protecting your investment with the optimum product in car rust proofing, Krown Rust Control.

krown small thumbKrown has a unique, environmentally friendly product that does more than just protecting your vehicle against rust. Krown also lubricates moving parts and protects electrical connections, helping reduce your long term vehicle maintenance costs. Car rust protection is one of the best investments you can make to extend the life cycle of your vehicle.

At Eccles Auto Service we try to deliver the best products, service and warranty to our customers. We are proud to be an official Krown drop off centre, where you can be confident your vehicle is getting the best rust protection available today.

Not sure if you need car rust proofing? We can conduct a Krown rust check to inspect your vehicle and let you know if your vehicle needs protection.

Call the shop today to book an appointment for car rust proofing today!

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