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Performance Tires Shop in Aldershot, ON

Performance tires are designed with unique tread patterns and rubber compounds to enhance the all-around driving experience, with a focus on racetrack-inspired features such as cornering and short stopping distances. If you’re looking for precise handling, improved grip, and unparalleled responsiveness, this is the tire category for you.

You can find all the top performance tire brands at Eccles Auto Service, including:

  • Continental performance tires—e.g. the Continental CrossContact RX
  • Michelin performance tires—e.g. the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2
  • Bridgestone performance tires—e.g. The Potenza S-04 Pole Position
  • Pirelli performance tires—e.g. the P Zero All-Season Plus
  • Yokohama performance tires—e.g. the Advan Neova AD08 R

How to find the best performance tires in Aldershot, ON

While there’s no shortage of tire rankings and reviews claiming otherwise, the truth is that there is no universe “best” performance tire. Every tire is designed with unique performance features in mind, and some characteristics clash.

“There’s no free lunch when it comes to tires,” says Greg Cressman, Technical Services Director for Yokohama Tire Canada. “Tires have so many jobs and responsibilities that there’s always a balancing act and need for compromise.”

Accordingly, in order to find the best performance tire, you need to determine what’s best for you. That means factoring in your unique vehicle type, local weather conditions, and daily driving demands, which can be a bit overwhelming for first-time performance tire-buyers.

But Eccles Auto Service is here to help. Every performance tire consultation involves a thorough needs assessment to help discern which tire features matter most to you, so we can recommend the best possible picks. And although we carry all the top performance tires, we’re not obligated to any one brand, so we can give you honest, unbiased advice and real recommendations based on real needs, without any sales agenda.

Book a personalized performance tire consultation in Aldershot, ON

For more than 36 years, Eccles Auto Service has been helping Canadians stay safe and optimize the driving experience with top-of-the-line performance tires, award-winning automotive services, and honest advice. Whether you’re seeking performance tires for your car or small truck, for joy-rides or better track times, we’ve got everything you need!

To book your personalized performance tire consultation, you can:

  • Call (905)-627-3355 to speak directly with a performance tire specialist near you
  • Book a personalized performance tire consultation online with our short contact form
  • Browse all the top performance tires using our online tire finder
  • Drop by our performance tire shop at 121 King Street West, Dundas, ON
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