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Vehicle Sanitization at Eccles Auto Service

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38th anniversary

38 Years of Eccles Auto Service Inc.

Providing professional & premium auto services since 1984

Welcome to Eccles Auto Service | Dundas, ON

Eccles Auto Service Inc. is a family owned and operated business that focuses on exceptional service and quality workmanship. From day one, our policy has been to provide professional service and install only quality parts.

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When it comes to tires, Eccles Auto Service has been serving the community of Dundas and the surrounding area since 1984.

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Our Customer Reviews

Always get a straight answer and a fair deal from Eccles. Been using them for a few years and zero complaints. Nice folks.

Don Lawson Sep 9, 2022

Best little garage in town!

steve thompson Sep 9, 2022

we had such a great experience with Scott! he was so nice and understanding towards us when we drove in frantic about a car sound. we are asian university students and we did not get gaslit nor did we feel like we were being mansplained-to (this was our biggest fear). anyways the problem turned out to be minor and the check up was free of charge. we are very content with his service and would recommend to those intimidated by car mechanics and car places .

claire chen Sep 9, 2022

Amazing service! Fast service.

Zephaniah Vijayakumar Aug 8, 2022

They are a great home town garage!!

Roger Sampson Jul 7, 2022

I always get good competent service from Eccles

Timothy and Diana Boyd-Wilson Jul 7, 2022

My wife accidentally found their shop but it turned out to be a blessing. We have been coming here for years and they always provide great service, are accommodating to scheduling needs and are great at communicating. Our only regret is that they are far across town but still they offer pick up and drop off and also courtesy car if the work will take longer. Anne and Larissa are great to chat with over the phone. The driver Greg? sorry if I forget his name is also very friendly.

Ed Jacinto Jun 6, 2022

We have been going to Eccles since we moved to Dundas and they have never let us down. They are a really friendly, trustworthy team, always happy to help and prompt with their work. Our car hasn't been in better hands in terms of repairs and maintenance.

James M Jun 6, 2022

I can not say enough good things about Eccles Auto. A good friend recommended them and they did not disappoint. They were very communicative. Kept me informed every step of the way. Understood my car's needs (MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN) and did an outstanding job. I will from now on always bring my car here for service and maintenance. Thank you so very much!

Bogdan Orlic Jun 6, 2022

I've been coming to Eccles for over 10 years. Always do a great job and are reasonable both in pricing and what they recommend. They are what you want in an automotive mechanic-shop: trustworthy!

Ringing Ears Apr 4, 2022

Anne was very kind with me after the death of my beloved 14 yr old car. It was a gift and held sentimental value. Over the years I received excellent service on it.

oLynne Mans Apr 4, 2022

We were very pleased on how our service experience was. RegularB1 service on our RDX/13, guidance and purchase or 4 tires balanced and aligned. Go to place west end of Hamilton GWK

g Wilfred kelly Mar 3, 2022

I have come to Eccles twice in 2022 so far (for different matters). I appreciate that the staff at Eccles are up front and clear about cost estimates for work. Prices seem fair, on comparison to other places. I also appreciate that estimates have accurately reflected what my final costs have been - in one case actually, the final cost was lower than the estimate, because staff took the time to examine the job and save as much of my existing pipe as possible in the repair. Both of my experiences so far leave me feeling good about Eccles as a new customer, and I plan to return when I next need a repair/tune up.

Andrew Kloiber Mar 3, 2022

First time using them. They quickly and accurately diagnosed the check engine light on my Audi A3. Fast repair and also a good job on new brakes. Great shop with great staff. Will continue my servicing there.

John Summach Mar 3, 2022

These guys are great, and Anne the service booker seems to know as much as they do. So glad I found them when I moved here and don't have to be worried about somebody trying to rip me off every time I go in for service. Pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. And I've never had a car full of grease when they were done.

M Jay Oct 10, 2019

A big thank you to the staff at Eccles for helping me with a new tire. They provided excellent friendly service when both my dealership and roadside assistance let me down. I would highly recommend Eccles.

Cindy C Feb 2, 2022

Absolutely amazing mechanic. My family have brought our cars here for years. Anne at the reception desk is amazing and always able to accommodate you. They do amazing work in a timely manner and they will send reminders when you are due for your next service which I really need as I tend to forget. Will continue to bring my car here for all its repairs.

Alex “SailerGurl” G Jan 1, 2022

Dropped off tires to get road forced balanced...wow what a difference. Great job and professional service.

Amyn Dodhia Dec 12, 2021

Really helpful staff 👍🏼

Patel Akash Dec 12, 2021

Best shop. Great people, take my POS f150 to them More then I should have to but everything has been fixed proper and in a very timely fashion. Have no issue leaving my truck in the hands of these fine men and women! Keep up the great work.

Steve S Oct 10, 2021

Saab 9-5 Aero fuel pump replacement. Great job

Mike Clarke Oct 10, 2021

Excellent service, very professional, best experience ever taking my car in for repairs.

Kate Little Sep 9, 2021

Fair pricing with excellent service. Bruce told me 20 years ago he would be pleased to service my vehicles. Has done a great job ever since.

Vince Nelson Sep 9, 2021

Well organized, competent and knowledgeable.

Peter Langille Jul 7, 2021

Great shop and location in Dundas. I thought I had a transmission leak, turned out to be A/C discharge flushing normally. Great customer experience and I appreciate the shop’s honesty like many other customers do. My new favourite garage!

Scottie Larocque Jun 6, 2021

I have no problem trusting Eccles to perform repairs that I can't do. I've always found them polite and professional. They know how to communicate car issues and explain the repairs to their customers.

Jim Holubeshen May 5, 2021

Great job

Heinz Held May 5, 2021

As is always the case, Eccles takes great care of the driving needs of all of our family members. The service is pleasantly understated and friendly, and recommendations are fact-based. The work is carefully executed and mechanics often go the 'extra mile' to test, and double-test the impact of the repairs. I'm a huge fan and would never consider taking our vehicles anywhere else.

Sean Lippay Apr 4, 2021

Their expertise, knowledge and professionalism provides peace of mind that my vehicle is kept in top notch shape when on the road with loved ones.

Lise Gould Apr 4, 2021

My Ford F-150 suffered a transmission leak and they helped by towing it in, diagnosing the problem quickly and then fixing it within 18 hours. Love their feedback via email. Very professional and excellent work.

Keith Robinson Apr 4, 2021

I just wanted to spend a quick minute to write a review to let you folks know how much I appreciated your integrity! My father had his 2008 Ford Escape in for service recently. First off I was very impressed to hear from him how well you guys treated him. You folks found the issue with his ABS Module originating from some corroded wiring. You guys didn't just replace the module like many shops may have done before doing your due diligence and looking into the wires in question. Furthermore when my father left his cell phone in the Escape at the shop and you folks tried calling him on it to tell him the diagnosis. You guys went beyond the call of duty and had the phone delivered to his house along with the diagnosis. Wow! I was impressed when I heard this and I wanted to return the gesture with a great review. Thank you Eccles Auto Service fantastic work! Stay safe, all the best!

Trevor Van Tiel Apr 4, 2021

Excellent service! Courteous, and efficient. Had my car ready at the time I requested. Highly recommended.

Jim Richardson Dec 12, 2020

I've been using Eccles for many years and I find them to be outstanding. When in for a repair, their diagnostic conclusions have always been very logical and credible, which is refreshing. They hire highly experienced professional mechanics and pay them an honest wage subsequently I never feel like they are trying to up-sell me on any repairs (which is a significant level of trust that you want to have in your mechanic). Recently I was in for a tire change and my car has an obscure setting deep in the menu system for telling the computer what type of tires and rims it's using. The mechanic, being so thorough, had gone through the menus and made the updates. Clearly they dot the i's and cross the t's.

Grigg RRR Nov 11, 2020

Eccles were my last stop before I made a decision regarding keeping my vehicle. I own a 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid that has experienced more than its share of problems. The latest problems occurred when the check engine light, check hybrid and the traction control lights would come on after I had been travelling ~30 kms on a 400 series highway. After I stopped for awhile, the lights would go out and only the "check hybrid" light would remain on. I took the vehicle to two different dealers who were only able to tell me either that maybe I needed a new oil pump (about a $1600 fix) with no guarantee that this would fix the problem or to keep driving the vehicle until all the lights remained on (ie: essentially failed). I didn't consider this an adequate solution and I was able to finally find Eccles who have a specialty in hybrids. Well guess what!!! They were able to at least solve part of the problem I was experiencing. They thoroughly investigated the oil pump problem and found some corrosion around the terminals - cleaned them up and so far - no engine or other warnings on my dash. Totally professional and prepared to go beyond just what the diagnostics are telling them to get to the root cause. Thank you Eccles,

Rodger King Oct 10, 2020

Quality workmanship, fair price. I would recommend.

Paul Smith Jul 7, 2020
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