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When it comes tires, Eccles Auto Service has been serving the community of Dundas and the surrounding area since 1984. We have partnered up with the world’s leading tire company, Bridgestone Tires who offers a plethora of tires, to guarantee our customers the most comfortable and safest ride possible no matter what terrain or road condition your on. As your local tire shop, Eccles Auto Service is ready to install new tires or service your vehicle’s existing tires, including rims, balancing, nitrogen fill, winter tires, and all season tires.

Tire Brands

Bridgestone has been the world leading tire company since its merger with Firestone in 1988. Bridgestone offers customers six different brands of tires for performance, a quiet ride, flat protection, fuel efficiency, off-road traction, and for winter traction. Why Bridgestone?

All-season Tires

At Eccles Auto we have a great selection of all-season tires. Our favourite is Bridgestone’s Potenza tires, which are performance tires made to deliver better control, responsiveness, and handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Winter Tires

Installing winter tires is crucial for the safety of you and your family. Our featured winter tire is Bridgestone’s Blizzak tire, made from a unique rubber compound that enhances gripping traction and performs well in both wet and dry conditions (i.e. Ice, snow, slush). Why do you need winter tires?

Nitrogen Fill

Filling your tires with nitrogen instead of oxygen has a few advantages. For starters, your tire pressure will remain stable for a longer duration and you will barely notice any pressure change in the tires when the temperature changes. Learn More

Tire Balancing

Wheel vibration can wear out your tires way earlier than expected, or even worse, they can lead to steering and suspension issues. If you feel vibration while you're driving, come visit our tire shop at Eccles Auto to have your tires cleaned and balanced by our professionals.


If you’re looking for new rims, Eccles Auto has a large selection for you to choose from. If your existing rims or a wheel lip gets bent or damaged, we can usually fix it! We also offer cracked rim repair and cracked rim welding for both steel and alloy rims.

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About Eccles Auto Service

Eccles Auto Service Inc. in Dundas, Ontario is a family owned and operated business that focuses on exceptional service and quality workmanship. From day one, our policy has been to provide professional service and install only quality parts. We service all makes and models including new and current model year vehicles. Learn more

Eccles Auto Tire Storage

At Eccles Auto we offer a storage service where we can store your winter tires and rims during the warm summer months and install them back for the wintertime. You can consider this as an investment because it will help your tires last 3-6 years instead of 1!

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