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Dundas getting electric vehicle ‘destination’ charging stations

Courtesy Newspaper: HamiltonNews

With Dundas’ first public electric vehicle charging stations operating at Eccles Auto Service, and a couple of municipal parking lot chargers anticipated this summer, the growing EV market is getting “destination charging” in the centre of the Valley Town.

Bruce Eccles founded the 37-year-old 121 King St. W. facility with a goal of staying on top of emerging vehicle technology. He had some EV maintenance customers already when one came in for the first time in a year, figuring there wasn’t a reason to bring it in because it didn’t need oil changes.

“He’s right, but it still needs service. All the outside components are the same. It doesn’t need to come in as much, but still needs service,” Eccles said. “That got us thinking. What’s the future? Let’s learn all about EVs.”

He figured the way to learn was to buy one. A Chevy Bolt became the new customer shuttle in April, a learning tool for technicians and customers.

On May 10, two public charging stations were up and running. EV drivers can park for free, while paying an outside service about $2 an hour.

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