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Auto Maintenance Tips for the Spring

HEY Dundas guess what!? Spring 2019 is finally right around the corner! This means it’s time to start thinking about getting your vehicle ready for the warmer weather. The winter can be hard on your car, and this year was especially bad. The frigid temperatures and harsh road conditions usually take a serious toll on your vehicle.

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4 Signs of Failing Brakes

When it comes to you and your family’s safety on the road, one of the most important vehicle components is your braking system. If your brakes begin to fail and you do not attend to them immediately, you are risking getting into a serious accident. If you are worried that your braking system is on its last leg,

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How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money

During the busy holiday season, it can be common for people to ignore regular vehicle maintenance. In the short term, it might be tempting to skip routine car maintenance to save money for some of your holiday expenses. However, keeping up with regular car maintenance will save you much more money,

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Do You Really Want To Save Money??

Then think about this.

With the onslaught of recalls , scandals and high prices a new car is not always a pleasure. But more importantly the vehicle your driving is capable of lasting 15-20 years and 400,000 km with proper maintenance. So consider following the manufactures guidelines and keep your vehicle longer:

Let’s say your current vehicle costs you $1800.00 a year to maintain on average (this is high) and you decide to trade it for new vehicle. 

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Weather the Storm: How to Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is in full swing and as we prepare our bodies for the weather and protect ourselves from getting sick, we have to prepare our cars for the cold as well. One of the worst feelings in the world is getting in your car on a 10-degree morning to drive to work,

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Still driving without winter tires?

The old days of a snow tire just being a more aggressive, heavy lug tire are over. In fact calling them snow tires is not entirely correct anymore, they are winter tires. They are built with different rubber compounds and tread designs made specifically to be better on snow, ice and cold roads.

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Need a trailer hitch? We got it!

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Uptown Eccles Auto Service is now offering and installing trailer hitches and accessories! We will also be selling:

  • Class I – V Hitches
  • Receivers and Ball mounts
  • Wiring Kits
  • Brake Controllers
  • and much, much more

Check out the products we have available at or call us at 905-627-3988

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Do electronic rust protectors work?

Here is a study we came across to answer that very question.

By  Vincent J. Curtis, M.Sc. CD , President , Tribochem, Inc.


The object of this set of tests was to evaluate the ability of electronic rust protection
devices to protect steel Q-panels from rusting in a salt spray cabinet. 

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The perfect holiday gift

This Christmas, surprise your spouse, friend or special someone with the Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit at Eccles Auto Service in Dundas. Just in time to satisfy the new legislation for Ontario drivers, the kit is a full system dedicated to hands-free conversation and music. It may come with:

  • Colour TFT 2.4-inch screen
  • Navigation with iPod Control
  • Custom-installed HomeLink controller
  • Remote starter
  • Overhead DVD systems for rear seat entertainment

We customize each kit to suit your exact needs and install it on the premises.

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Want your next car to be economical?

When looking at new fuel efficient vehicles the usual suspects come up; Honda, Toyota, Smart Car, and any new hybrid models.  American built vehicles are rarely associated with fuel economy. However, Ford and GM are looking to change that with the introduction of a few new engines.

Ford has recently unveiled a line of new Eco-Boost engines.

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