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Tesla Tire Talk: Special Considerations For Electric Vehicles In Dundas, ON

Tesla Tire Talk: Special Considerations For Electric Vehicles In Dundas, ON

Though they all drive electric vehicles, every Tesla owner is different, which means there is no perfect Tesla tire for every driver. But there is a perfect Tesla tire for you, and the team at Eccles Auto Service can help you find it.

Read on to learn 3 things to consider when shopping for new Tesla tires, or call (905) 627-3355 to speak directly with a Tesla tire tech.

Choose Tesla Tires With Your Preferred Comfort In Mind

Electric vehicles do not create engine noise like internal combustion engines (ICE), which makes road noise much easier to hear. For some drivers, this can reduce ride comfort and detract from the driving experience. For this reason, most OEM Tesla tires are designed with softer rubber compounds and other quiet-riding features.

But this can be a double-edged sword. Softer rubber compounds dampen road noise, but they also wear out faster. If you are a more spirited driver seeking max performance, you may want to switch to a firmer, more responsive compound.

Of course, there is a middle ground—you don’t need to completely sacrifice ride comfort to improve tread life and handling, and vice versa—and our Tesla tire techs can help you find what’s best for you.

Choose Tesla Tires With Long-Term Maintenance In Mind

Your choice of Tesla tires will drastically affect your long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

Like other electric vehicles, Tesla’s put a lot of stress on tires due to their increased vehicle weight, unique load distributions, and high-power capabilities.  You may want to choose tires with long-lasting treads and firmer rubber compounds. Whatever you decide, though, make sure you invest in regular rotations, even with Model X and S vehicles that only allow left-to-right rotation, as it can greatly increase Tesla tire service life.

Generally speaking, 19” OEM Tesla tires will come with a thicker sidewall, which translates to better shock absorption and longer service life. Improved shock absorption not only affects your ride quality; it will also reduce the wear-and-tear on your vehicle’s suspension system, which can translate to hundreds of dollars in service savings each year.

In contrast, 21” and 22” Testa tires, which are used most often on the Model S and X, feature shorter sidewalls, which provide better handling and performance in exchange for shorter tread life and a rougher ride. If you want to minimize your tire replacement costs, and save on suspension system maintenance, these probably aren’t for you. But if you crave peak performance, you can’t do much better!

Choose Tesla Tires With Your Unique Budget In Mind

Every driver is different, but everyone wants to save money on Tesla tires where possible. Our exclusive tire promotions and rebate programs make it easy to save upfront, but remember: budget-friendliness goes beyond the sale price. The best Tesla tires for budget-conscious drivers will also offer improved engine efficiency (to reduce engine maintenance costs and maximize range) and longer tread life (to save on tire expenses)—and we can help you find them.

Book A Free Tesla Tire Consultation: Call Eccles Auto Service

For personalized Tesla tire recommendations with your unique ride preferences, maintenance goals, and budget in mind, call (905) 627-3355, fill out our online contact form, or start shopping now with our Online Tire Finder tool.

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