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What To Look For In A Tire Shop Near Me During COVID-19

What To Look For In A Tire Shop Near Me During COVID-19

How do I find the best tire shop near me?” Like most things, the answer to this question changed when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Today’s post explains how to find COVID-safe tire shops in the “new normal.”

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Find The Best Tire Shop Near Me: New Normal, Same Quality Criteria

While things may look a lot different in the “new normal,” much of the same old quality criteria applies when trying to find the best tire shops. Though you may be adding COVID-19 safety protocols to the checklist, the best tire shops still offer:

  • One-stop shop convenience
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Access to all the top tire brands
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Up-to-date training, tools, and equipment
  • Award-winning service

For more than 35 years, Eccles Auto Service has been committed to meeting and exceeding this tire shop quality criteria—and we’ve got the reviews to prove it!

Find Tire Shops With Stringent COVID-19 Safety Protocols In Place

Tire shops have been designated essential businesses by the Ontario government, which means they are allowed to remain open during the lockdown, as long as they follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

And while Eccles Auto Service has been committed to slowing the spread since the start of the pandemic, not all tire shops are on the same page. In fact, in an effort to quell the rise of safety violations and deter repeat offenders, the Ontario government has just launched a zero-tolerance inspection campaign. But with enforcement resources already stretched thin, the onus is on the consumer to find COVID-safe service.

Fortunately, if you live in Dundas or the surrounding areas, finding COVID-safe tire shops is easy. Our team is fighting hard to slow the spread with strict adherence to all COVID-19 safety guidelines, including:

  • Allowing entry to the business premises by appointment only, and only following screenings
  • Limiting in-store capacities to according to the current colour code requirements
  • Abiding by lockdown business schedules
  • Enforcing proper social distancing, handwashing, and masking at all times
  • Committing to proper contact tracing

We’re also offering a number of convenient and contactless shopping options, like our instant tire quote finder, which you can use to shop for tires and compare prices from the comfort of home.

Consider Tire Shops That Also Offer Vehicle Sanitization Service

To help slow the spread in hot spots, some tire shops are now offering special COVID-19 sanitization services. At Eccles Auto Services, we use Hypochlorous Acid, a certified organic, 100% non-toxic and pet-safe disinfectant, to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, and our fogger application system is quick, efficient, and approved by Health Canada.

While neither directly related to tire sales nor strictly necessary for COVID-19 safety, the presence of COVID-19 vehicle sanitization services can be quite reassuring, for several reasons.

First, the presence of COVID-19 vehicle sanitization services shows you that this tire shop is responsive to the new demands of the pandemic, and any tire shop that is willing to expand their services to fight the virus is likely to take other safety precautions, as well.

Second, the presence of COVID-19 vehicle sanitization services is convenient, giving you even more ways to benefit from our one-stop shop model and access greater savings by bundling services together.

Lastly, and most importantly, tire shops with vehicle sanitization capacities are likely also sanitizing their own workspaces and vehicles on a regular basis. We certainly are!

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