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Find The Best Car Service Shop In Dundas: Top Quality Indicators

Find The Best Car Service Shop In Dundas: Top Quality Indicators

Second only to the home, automobiles are our most valuable assets, so it’s critical that we choose repair shops wisely. To help you make an informed choice, today’s post highlights three quality indicators to use when researching the best car service shop in Dundas, ON.

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The Best Car Service Shops Provide A Full-Service Experience

The value of the “one-stop shop” model has been clear since it originated in the early 1930s. Not only does it save consumers time and money by offering all of the products and services they need “under one roof,” but it also creates more opportunities for “bulk-buy” discounts.

For more than 35 years, Eccles Auto Service has been a trusted one-stop shop for drivers in Dundas, ON. We do all general maintenance and repairs—everything from tires and brakes to front end assemblies and alignments—on all makes and models, and we now offer vehicle sanitizing services to help combat the spread of COVID-19. We can also help with detailing, leveraging our extensive professional network and business connections to find you the best local body shop.

The Best Car Service Shops Have Expertise With All Makes And Models

Nobody likes wasting time, which is why it’s so frustrating to take time out of your day to visit a local auto shop, only to find they cannot service vehicles of your particular make or model. This happens all too often, since these businesses tend not advertise the limited scope of their service, preferring to tell you about their strengths instead of their lack of up-to-date training, tools, and equipment.

When you visit Eccles Auto Service, you never have to worry; whether your hybrid car battery needs to be replaced, your electrical car’s blown a fuse, or your faithful old jalopy needs another brake service, we’ve got everything you need. Our team is trained to perform all general maintenance and repairs on all makes and models, so you can bring the entire family fleet in for award-winning service on every vehicle.

The Best Car Service Shops Are Committed To COVID-19 Safety

Auto repair is among the essential services permitted by the Ontario government to remain open during the pandemic, as long as they follow COVID-19 safety protocols. But with plenty of repeat offenders now drawing the ire of health officials, and enforcement resources already stretched thin, the onus is on the consumer to find COVID-safe service.

For those seeking COVID-safe car service in Dundas, ON, it’s never been easier—just call 905-627-3355, and an Eccles Auto Service representative will take it from there. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, our team has been committed to slowing the spread through strict implementation of all government-mandated safety protocols, including:

  • Permitting members of the public to enter the business premises by appointment only
  • Limiting in-store capacities to according to the current colour code requirements
  • Abiding by lockdown business schedules
  • Enforcing proper social distancing, handwashing, and masking at all times
  • Committing to proper contact tracing and screening protocols

Additionally, we’re offering a number of convenient contactless shopping options, like our instant tire quote finder.

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