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How To Improve Fuel Economy: Top-4 Tips From A Licensed Car Mechanic

How to Improve Fuel Economy: Top-4 Tips from a Licensed Car Mechanic

As fuel costs continue to soar in Dundas, many drivers are looking for ways to improve fuel economy, and our car mechanics are here to help. Read on to learn a few ways to start saving money at the pumps, or call (905)-627-3355 to speak directly with a car mechanic in Dundas, ON.

How To Improve Fuel Economy: Top-4 Tips From A Car Mechanic In Dundas, ON

1.    Gear Up To Maximize Your Fuel Savings—Choose Fuel-Efficient Cars And Tires

If you’re in the market for a new car, use EnerGuide ratings to find which vehicles are the most fuel-efficient in 2022, or simply ask one of our licensed car mechanics for a shortlist of recommendations.

How to Improve Fuel Economy: Top-4 Tips from a Licensed Car Mechanic

EnerGuide ratings are a great starting point for fuel-conscious drivers in the market for a new vehicle (TRAC, 2021).

If not, you can still greatly reduce fuel consumption by choosing tires with a low rolling resistance (LRR). According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, LRR tires can improve fuel efficiency by 2-4% annually over the life of your tires, which can really add up when you consider the rising costs of gas. LRR tires are especially beneficial for highway drivers since tires account for approximately 25% of a vehicle’s rolling resistance in these conditions.

With our award-winning car mechanics at your side, finding LRR tires has never been easier. Using our Online Tire Finder, you can browse our complete catalog from the comfort of home, and personalized recommendations are only a phone call away!

2.    Develop Efficient Driving Habits To Stretch Your Fuel Savings

According to research by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, incorporating the following efficient driving habits can save upwards of $500 per year:

  • Maintain a steady speed, accelerating gently and coasting to decelerate
  • Minimize unnecessary weight and remove equipment that makes your vehicle less aerodynamic (e.g., roof racks or ski racks)
  • Use air conditioning sparingly
  • Limit unnecessary idling

3.    Keep Your Vehicle Fuel-Fit—invest In Upkeep From A Pro Car Mechanic

“Along with getting the right gear and establishing healthy driving routines, performing regular check-ups will help you maximize your fuel savings,” states TRAC’s 2021 “Get Fuel Fit” guide.

To keep your car running as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to invest in regular tune-ups that include:

  • Tire alignments
  • Suspension system maintenance
  • Wheel balancing
  • Brake system upkeep and part replacements
  • A/C repair
  • Filter replacements, and more

Fortunately, you can find it all in one place at Eccles Auto Service, so you don’t have to waste your time (or your fuel) driving around town to check-off your maintenance to-do list.

4.    Get Pumped Up—Keep Your Air Pressure On-Point

The air in your tires supports 95% of your vehicle’s weight, and with so much riding on your tires, it’s no wonder that underinflation can compromise everything from ride quality and performance to how much you pay at the pumps. Most experts estimate that properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%, and our car mechanics can help, whether you need a portable inflator or a quick top-up.

Get Fuel Fit: Book A Consultation With A Car Mechanic In Dundas, ON

For the past 36+ years, our award-winning car mechanics have helped reduce emissions and improve fuel economy for drivers throughout Dundas and all the surrounding areas, including the communities of Ancaster, Flamborough, Burlington, and the Greater Hamilton area. If you’re looking to save money at the pump as fuel costs continue to climb, we can help.

To book a free consultation with a car mechanic in Dundas, ON, you can:

  • Call (905)-627-3355
  • Book online with our quick-and-easy contact form
  • Drop by our auto service centre at 121 King Street Easy, Dundas, ON


TRAC. (2021). Get Fuel Fit: Shopping, maintenance, and driving tips to help you trim your gas bill and eco-footprint. Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

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