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One-Stop Hybrid Car Repair Shop: Save On Hybrid/EV Care

One-Stop Hybrid Car Repair Shop: Save On Hybrid/EV Care

Today’s post reviews research on the real costs of hybrid car care, then explains how our one-stop hybrid car repair shop helps drivers save even more on essential upkeep services.

Read on to learn more, or call (905) 627-3355 to speak directly with a hybrid repair specialist near you in Dundas, ON.

Research Review: The Real Costs Of Hybrid Car Repair And Upkeep

Environmental friendliness aside, one of the main appeals of driving a hybrid vehicle is their reduced maintenance requirements. But how much do hybrid vehicles really save drivers?

To answer this question, Consumer Reports researchers synthesized data from their 2019 and 2020 spring reliability surveys, which included thousands of reports of maintenance and repair data.

At the end of their analysis, they found that hybrid car owners pay roughly half as much as internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle owners (Harto, 2020). Over the life of their vehicle, hybrid vehicle owners saved an average of $4600.

These findings echo the results of a 2018 study by The 2° Institute, which found that hybrid owners pay about 40-47% as much as ICE vehicle owners for maintenance and repairs over the life of their vehicle.

Both studies also suggested that hybrid vehicle ownership may be less expensive than electric vehicle ownership after the 160,000km mark since their mix of ICE and electric power puts less strain on the battery over time.

Of course, hybrid vehicle owners will still need to make room in the budget for regular maintenance. In fact, unlike EVs, hybrid vehicles still require much of the same maintenance as ICE vehicles. But there are plenty of ways to save money on hybrid vehicle upkeep, and Eccles Auto Service is standing by to help!

Save Time And Money: Find A One-Stop Hybrid Car Repair Shop

In the tradition of the one-stop shop, our hybrid car repair shop is designed to save drivers time and money, providing everything they need to keep their vehicles fully charged and factory-fresh, including:

By offering all these products and services under one roof, we save drivers time and money, allowing them to cross off their entire to-do list with a single stop, and service the entire work or family fleet at once. This not only eliminates the need for multiple stops, but also creates more opportunities to bundle service costs together for greater savings.

We also participate in official tire rebate programs; we frequently offer service discounts via our Promotions page; and our hybrid car expertise ensures low costs of quality.

Get A Free Quote From A Hybrid Car Repair Shop

Eccles Auto Service is your one-stop shop for hybrid car care, offering all the OEM-recommended maintenance services, along with a wide range of auto repairs and genuine replacement parts, all under one roof.

Located in the heart of downtown Dundas, our facility proudly serves drivers throughout Southern Ontario, including the communities of Ancaster, Flamborough, Burlington, and the Greater Hamilton Area.

To schedule a free consultation and get a quote on any hybrid car repair, maintenance, or part replacement services, you can:

  • Call (905) 627-3355 to speak directly with a hybrid repair specialist
  • Drop by our repair shop at 121 King St. West in Dundas, ON
  • Fill out our contact form to request an appointment online


Harto, C. (2020). Electric vehicle ownership costs: Chapter 2—Maintenance. Consumer Reports.

Logtenberg, R., Pawley, J., & Saxifrage, B. (2018). Comparing fuel and maintenance costs of electric and gas powered vehicles in Canada. The 2° Institute.

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