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Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Needs to be Repaired

Eccles Auto AC Maintenance

Summer weather is finally approaching us in Dundas Ontario! If you want to drive comfortably in the heat, it’s important to make sure your car’s air conditioning is working properly. In most cases, a vehicle’s air conditioning doesn’t die without warning. There are usually some easy to spot signs that let you know a repair is required. Once a sign is identified, it’s crucial to act quickly to prevent more significant damage from occurring. Below are four signs your car’s air conditioning needs to be repaired.

The level and quality of cooling is diminishing

If your car isn’t providing the level of cooling that it usually does, this could indicate a problem with the air conditioning. In some cases, the difference in cooling may be slight. Such as, you may notice airflow isn’t quite as powerful as usual. In other cases, the change may be more obvious. For example, you may notice that the air being pushed from the vents is very faint, or the air conditioning may be sending out warm air. If mould or mildew has built up in the air conditioning system’s evaporator, it can also prevent air from reaching the vents.

The AC is creating an unfamiliar odour

Some issues can cause your car’s air conditioning to pump an odour into the vehicle. This can leave your car smelling unpleasant. An old or filthy cabin filter can cause this problem. Funky odours can also be triggered by mould that has accumulated on the air conditioning system’s evaporator case.

The AC is making unusual noises

If you begin to notice unusual noises while the AC is running, it could indicate a problem. Your car’s air conditioning system relies on a compressor to pressurize the system and to ensure proper refrigerant flow. The compressor utilizes a pulley bearing that will make a squealing or grinding sound when it’s worn out. Your vehicle’s compressor also uses a clutch, which suffers lots of wear and tear over time. If your compressor’s clutch is worn out, you’ll begin to hear a rattling sound.

You notice water within your car

Your vehicle air conditioning system is designed to drain water from the bottom of the car. Sometimes the drains that facilitate this process become blocked and water can back up and gather within the vehicle. An air conditioning system with a blocked drain can cause water to pool under your car’s front floor mats or beneath the dash.

If your vehicle experiences any of these warning signs, it’s time to bring your car into Eccles Auto Service in Dundas Ontario. Contact us today to learn more.

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